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What Does PR Mean In Fortnite?

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Fortnite is by far the most popular battle royale title of today and along with its massive casual player base, the game also boasts a flourishing competitive scene.

The third-person Epic Games produced shooter has created a massive community and in some cases been the starting point for young gamers to get in on the action. Along with the new community has been introduced new terms that are used to represent different aspects of the game.

One of the terms you may hear mentioned around the game is PR, however, within the game’s client, there isn’t any indication of what this acronym means. So, what does it mean?

What does PR mean in Fortnite?


The term PR in the context of Fortnite refers to the Power Rankings which is a ladder system created by taking the results of players in recent Epic Games run tournaments.

It isn’t as simple as the results from a single event though. Different tournaments can reward more points than others depending on their amount of players, prize pool, format, and other factors.

The points earned from events will remain for a short while, however, after four months they will begin to decay which means that to maintain a high rank players need to be active in competition. This decay only begins at 10 percent, however, over the following months it will increase until all the points have gone.

If you want to check out who is at the top you can see the Power Rankings at Fortnitetracker.com.

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