What To Expect From Dynasty Warriors 7

Koei is at it again with Dynasty Warriors 7 and this time they look as if they are actually changing something. Promising a release date of March 2011, Koei decided to scrap the old engine and optimize it for the PS3. That is probably the biggest bit of optimism for the game in and of itself. Apparently this engine change will mean a smoother frame rate and more detailed graphics. They’ve also promised stereoscopic 3D and Playstation Move support.

Amongst the other gameplay changes, Koei plans on delivering a general roster of 60+ and one additional kingdom, known as the Jin, to battle as in the Story Mode.

Also new is the Chronicle mode which is an expansion on the created character story mode used in DW6. Again, interactions with generals affect their affinity with the created character and then joining a particular faction inserts the character into their storied battles.

There are even changes in how the battles are played out as well. Instead of the pre-battle map, this is replaced by a “friendly fortress walkthrough” where weapons and interactions with other friendly generals can provide insight on the upcoming battle. Also, each of the generals have the ability to use 2 weapons and switch them on the fly. This will most assuredly make the combo system more complex. Hopefully this means that the foes you encounter will be a bit harder as well.

Here’s a number of pics to wet your appetite from the longest running hack n slash franchise there is! Here’s to hoping!