What’s New With Destiny’s Weekly Reset For December 15?

Destiny The Taken King

Another week, another reset. Destiny‘s servers have refreshed once again, and with that comes a bunch of new modifiers for the game’s most popular activities and, of course, more chances to get those loot drops you’ve spent the last few months chasing after.

We’ve got all the info you need on this week’s challenge mode requirements, Nightfall modifiers and Court Of Oryx changes below, so check them out:

Weekly Nightfall – Dust Palace


  • Arc Burn – arc damage from any source is increased
  • Ironclad – more shielded enemies
  • Catapult – grenade recharge rate greatly increased
  • Exposure – player shields are increased, but don’t recharge

Tier 3 Court Of Oryx – Thalnok, Fanatic Of Crota

Thalnok – or mini Crota, as he’s been branded by players – is this week’s big bad in the Court Of Oryx. If you’ve yet to pick up the Calcified Fragment reward for beating him, you need to kill the sword bearer enemy that spawns with him and kill it to obtain a sword that hurt the boss once his shields have been depleted. Rinse and repeat the process to down the ugly Hive spawn.

Prison Of Elders

  • Level 32: Broken Legion
  • Level 34: Urrox’s Grudge

King’s Fall Challenge – Oryx

As many suspected, Oryx is this week’s challenge mode boss, following on from the Warpriest and Golgoroth ones from previous weeks. To complete the challenge and obtain some guaranteed pieces of 320 Light gear, Fireteams have to detonate 16 Ogre bombs before killing the King of the Hive.

In addition to all the above, there’s currently a limited time event currently going on in Destiny. The Sparrow Racing League began last week and runs until December 29, before being removed from the game.