Wheels Of Destruction Crashing Onto PSN Soon

Just in time to create some competition for the new Twisted Metal, Gelid Games is releasing their first original game, Wheels of Destruction: World Tour. Coming exclusively to the Playstation Network, WoD:WT will bring a fast and furious hybrid of arcade-style car combat shooter to the table.

Although no release date has been set yet, Gelid promises that players will be able to destroy each other soon. Featuring five different vehicle types creating chaos in five different parts of a post-apocalyptic Europe, Wheels of Destruction will let gamers trash their friends online in both Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes.

Gelid promises that Wheels of Destruction will offer an “addictive, easy to learn yet hard to master” competition online, and by the looks of the screenshot above, they have the arcade feel nailed. Keep an eye out for an official release date and let us know if you’re ready for some carnage in the comments!

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