Where’s Our Mafia III Review?


Mafia III is now available in stores, but as you may have noticed, reviews (including our own) have been slow to surface. There’s a reason for this, though.

Instead of giving press early access to the game, 2K decided to eschew tradition and hold review codes for Mafia III until just before launch. As such, getting a review up for release, or a particular embargo time, simply wasn’t possible. Add to that the fact that Mafia III isn’t a short game and you have another reason as to why we haven’t been able to publish our thoughts yet.

Despite putting nine hours into the game over this holiday weekend, we still have a lot to do and tons to explore. In fact, it feels as if we’ve just scratched the surface. That said, our plan is to play it a lot more over the next few days, in order to make sure that it’s critiqued and scored by the middle of this coming week. Thursday is what we’re aiming for with our review, so be sure to check back then.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your patience.