Which Call Of Duty: Black Ops Wager Match Is Your Favourite?

So once again here we are talking about that money machine and life absorber, Call Of Duty: Black Ops. When the game first came out people stuck to the generic progression of game modes by *cough* getting the campaign out of the way *cough* then moving to either the tweaked and polished multiplayer (save a few glitches and bugs….tsk tsk), or throwing themselves gleefully into the zombie pit of death and all things bloodstained.

But, Treyarch introduced Wager Matches to the multiplayer and despite knowing that most people have placed a small bet or two by now, the majority of the online army/community continue to pour all of their time (so true it’s not even funny) into the traditional game modes. However, seeing as the novelty of the release has hopefully worn off a little bit by now, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the Wager Match lobby, anyone else getting this?

The frustrating thing is that you can’t earn XP from a WM, so whilst you can manically cackle as your currency piles up, you aren’t getting any closer to that passionately chased Prestige mode. If you fall deep in love with WMs you’ll have to just blow kisses at the shiny badges you are never gonna see.

But all the dividing aside, if we assume you actually play Wager a fair amount, which is your favourite mode thus far? I assume you’ve tried them all….WHAT!? Personally I remain convinced that WM’s are one of the best ways to train yourself up, and get trim and agile for the mainstream competition modes. Gun Game and Sharpshooter force you to familiarize yourself with all sorts of weapons, attachments, and perks. All of which require different play styles (what’s your record for getting through the sniper rifles in Gun Game? Comment comment we’re interested).

Sticks and Stones introduces the ‘pro’ weapons, which when kills are earned with them, they open up a UNIVERSE of bragging rights. Some players might be a little wary of buying and equipping a Crossbow or Ballistic Knife, because they’re fearful of letting their kill-death ratio ‘slip’. Sticks and Stones gives you an opportunity to practise with these genius weapons, in a more spacious and FAIR situation.

Fairness is a big thing for WMs as I’ve come to discover. This is because perks, killstreaks, modded weapons and attachments have all been stripped away, and only given out if you earn them THAT MATCH. Each game feels like a fresh start on a level playing field.

One in the chamber is probably my favourite of the four, because the tension and crystal clear silence turn even seasoned CoD nuts into nervous wrecks. The awareness that you have to make EVERY bullet count is exhilarating, and the stealthy and intelligent gameplay that emerges is so refreshing be a part of.

But enough ranting from me, which WM game type do YOU guy think is the best? Explain your choice and outline the thinking process for us. I’m going say that I think One in the chamber is THE BOMB, only because it makes you feel so good when you get that kill.

Hit us up, go on. We’re all ears.