Whispers Say Dragon Age 3 Could Be In Development (With Multiplayer)

According to the rumor mill at the Official PlayStation Magazine, BioWare could be hard at work on a new iteration of the Dragon Age series. While that’s probably something most people would not be surprised to hear, considering how popular the first two games in the series have become, it’s shocking to hear that there could be some sort of a multiplayer mode included. This rumor comes from the ‘Inside Whispers’ section in the latest issue of OPM, which is due to hit magazine racks very soon. Though all that is said is, “more elf sexy time! Dragon Age 3 is on the way with an added multiplayer component.”

Dragon Age 2 made a great debut in the United Kingdom, making it’s way to the top of the Official UK All-Formats Chart during its first week on store shelves in the country. It went on to sell one million copies in less than two weeks, prompting Bioware and EA to launch a campaign that promises a free copy of Mass Effect 2 to those who purchase a copy of Dragon Age 2.

If this rumor does end up proving to be correct, then this would be a first for the fine folks at Bioware. None of their previous releases have featured any sort of multiplayer, though they have expressed some interest in adding it into some of their future projects. Still, nothing official has been announced, so we’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this.

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