Wii CAN Host Core Games


The UK’s Nintendo spokesperson has used the recent remake of Bond game; GoldenEye as example evidence that there are core gamers on the Wii, quoting the impressive unit sales thus far. To me the fact he is even dignifying the stereotype of Wii being the ‘casual kids console’ is absolutely hilarious, and then to go on to mention games like Black Ops and Need For Speed.

Does Nintendo realise that basically everyone owns a Wii now, and that a large percentage of these people also have PS3’s or Xbox 360’s precisely because they wanted a more traditionally-core range of games? Can they seriously think that someone who wants Black Ops will actually buy the Wii version OVER the console or PC ones? For sure it’s possible…but the whole thing is highly amusing to me. It’s like they are trying to convince themselves as much as anyone else.

But anyway, let’s see if the GoldenEye does as well as….erm…Animal Crossing? Then perhaps look at of the 5.6 million Black Ops has sold, how many were for the Wii…considering that the Wii console has sold more than both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

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  1. Anonymoussays:

    As a gamer I like playing shooters on the Wii because of the IR. If companies had made Wii versions of games as close to thier HD counter parts early in the race, Hardcore Shooters on Wii would have kicked ass a long time ago. since they didnt it now a pre-concieved notion that HD shooters are better, whne in truth they are only if must have HD graphics or prefer dual analogs. The HD consoles have graphics over the Wii but thats it IMO. If u sit Goldeneye side by side with Black Ops for instance, Goldeneye is clearly the better game.

  2. Metroid Prime 3, Red Steel 2, and to a lesser extent The Conduit. I’ve long believed that, if done properly, Wii can FPS games well. While they do have issues with level design (IE, not the controls), Red Steel 2 and The Conduit prove that the Wii DOES do FPS games well.

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