The Wii Will Remain In Production This Holiday, Only Discontinued In Japan


The death knell of the Wii as we know it sounded loud and clear the other day, but as it turns out, it was mostly just a false alarm. More like an assumption, actually – Nintendo pointed out in a statement today that it never specifically said it was discontinuing the Wii anywhere outside of Japan, and the company still stands by that.

The official word came from a Nintendo rep, who confirmed the following to GameSpot.

The announcement that the Wii console has been discontinued is specific to Japan. There is no change in the status of Wii in the United States, and it is available for purchase this holiday season.

Mystery solved! The folks at GameSpot also pointed out that GameStop is selling used Wiis for a mere $50 come Black Friday, so if you’ve somehow never owned a Wii yet, it’s a pretty good investment – even with pre-order seeds already sowed in the next-gen.

Think of it this way – for under $100, you could grab a used Wii and used copies of Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You’ll then be able to own and enjoy both the highest rated game of all time, and the game that represents the pinnacle of one-to-one motion control. What’s not to love?