Wii U Browser Detailed, Does Not Support Adobe Flash

Nintendo had released the details for the Wii U‘s web browser, revealing that it uses the NetFont NX browser engine (similar to the 3DS) and supports HTML 5. Sadly, that is pretty much the end of the good news.

The real disappointment with the Wii U browser (and this is not entirely unexpected) is that it does not support plug-ins, including Adobe Flash. Users will also not be able to save any images, or upload videos/pictures that are saved on the console. Additionally, even though the Wii U can push the browser to the GamePad (which is cool), users won’t be able to preform familiar inputs such as pinch to zoom (not so cool).

I don’t think anyone was really expecting too much from the Wii U‘s browser but this is still a bit disappointing. Even though the GamePad is not a tablet, it could have been a very capable internet surfing device had it supported plug-ins and come with a multitouch screen.

Obviously this is nothing to cancel your pre-order over, but it definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

Source: Nintendo, via Joystiq

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