PSA: Wii U Deluxe Model Pre-Orders Selling Out In North America

Just two days after Nintendo announced the Wii U‘s launch details it appears that retailers are starting to sell through their pre-order stock of the upcoming console.

Both GameStop and Best Buy are reporting that they have completely sold out of pre-orders for the black 32GB “Deluxe” Wii U model. Although, at the time of publication, GameStop still has some pre-orders for the white 8GB Basic Wii U model left in stock.

With Amazon being blacklisted from selling Wii U pre-orders (or perhaps the other way around), it looks like the best hope for gamers wanting a Deluxe model is to hit up Toys R Us before their stock runs out.

None of this means that the Wii U will see the same shortages that the Wii had when it launched back in 2006, but it does mean that the window is closing for anyone who wanted to pick up the console on November 18th.

Source: NeoGAF