Wii U Exclusive Shooter Splatoon Skates Past 1M Sales Worldwide


Despite the Wii U’s paltry install base, Nintendo today announced that the console’s exclusive shooter Splatoon has stormed past 1 million sales worldwide.

According to The Big N, this figure in question encompasses both retail and digital sales of the third-person actioner, with the cumulative figure representing 230k units sold in Europe, 368k in North America and the remaining 476k in Japan. Nintendo also went on to say that the new IP is welcoming “thousands” of new players each and every day.

What makes this success so noteworthy is the fact that, going off of the most recent NPD figures, there are currently around 10 million Wii Us total in the wild. Couple this with the fact that Splatoon has now joined a select roster of Nintendo titles with 1 million units sold and it’s highly likely we’ll see the publisher extrapolate the ludicrously fun ideas, mix them up, and begin work on a sequel.


Of course, now that the Wii U is coaxing closer and closer to an early demise – particularly with the looming Nintendo NX – the House of Mario may keep a potential Splatoon 2 on the proverbial shelf until the time and indeed console are right.

Part of Splatoon‘s continuing success can be attributed to Nintendo’s pragmatic approach to downloadable content. In the weeks since launch, the publisher has rolled out free updates for the shooter in the form of new weaponry, modes, and even new arenas for fans to play around in, and it’s understood there is still ample content to be revealed further down the line.

Tell us, have up picked up Splatoon yet for the Wii U? If so, let us know your experiences with the shooter down below.