Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets Release Date And Stunning Trailer


Nintendo may have dedicated a significant chunk of this morning’s Direct presentation to 3DS systems both old and new, but there were a few enticing tidbits revealed for some of the biggest titles in the pipeline for the Wii U.

Having dated the likes of Splatoon and Mario Party 10, the publisher soon turned its attention to Xenoblade Chronicles X, which has been slated to release exclusively on the company’s flagship console on April 29 in Japan — we expect the game to make its way west later in the year.

In tandem with the announcement, The Big N also debuted an all-new trailer for the sprawling RPG, showing off some of the rather stunning vistas to explore in its open-world environment. Billed as a spiritual successor to Xenoblade Chronicles — the critically-adorned sci-fi entry that ripped up a storm back in 2010 — the upcoming release will hone many of the gameplay elements from its fore-bearer, along with the futuristic aesthetic.

From what we gather, X will take place on a war-torn earth that has been ravaged by a fierce, intergalactic battle. And though the studio likened it to the 2010 title, the upcoming Wii U exclusive has more in common with Monolith Soft’s other RPG franchise Xenosaga.

We’ll have much more information pertaining to Xenoblade Chronicles X as we inch ever closer to its as-yet-unconfirmed release date. That said, expect the ambitious Wii U exclusive to make its way to the platform later this year.

Source: Nintendo

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