WipEout Omega Collection Launches For PlayStation 4 On June 6


Sony has announced today that the previously revealed WipEout Omega Collection, a remastered compilation that contains WipEout HD, Wipeout Fury and Wipeout 2048, is headed to PlayStation 4 on June 6 and will go on sale for $39.99. All tracks and ships included in the aforementioned titles will be present and accounted for in the Omega Collection, so says the announcement, marking the first time that everything has been brought together and housed in one place.

If that alone isn’t already enough to whet your appetite, be aware that every last ship and track you remember from the originals has been given upgraded textures to bring them in line with modern standards, with performance being upped across the board to 1080p resolution on PlayStation 4 and dynamic 4K on PS4 Pro. Regardless of which version of Sony’s console you own, each member of the collection runs at a targeted 60 FPS. Not limiting the polish to visuals, all sound effects will be fully remastered, with 28 licensed music tracks also part and parcel of the bundle. Music from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy will all be ringing in your ears as you rocket around the track.

Nine different methods of play, including tournaments, time trials and a career mode for each title will be available, as too, will a racebox mode, which allows players to tweak and customize their own races to be used in either split screen local multiplayer or online with up to eight players.

Check out the announcement trailer for WipEout Omega Collection above and, should you decide to register your interest with a pre-order, you’ll receive a sleek-looking bonus dynamic theme to display on your PS4’s dashboard.