All Witcher 2 DLC To Be Free, Including Launch Day Quest

It’s probably safe to assume that CD Projekt have a load of content in store for players who purchase The Witcher 2. Rumors have pegged the campaign as being up to 60 hours long with all side quests included. However, recent news has also surfaced regarding future downloadable content that will add to the title’s longevity.

In response to a fan’s question about downloadable content pricing for the role-playing game, a CD Projekt spokesperson wrote, “Let me announce that all our DLCs will be FREE. All of them. If anything will be for purchase, those will be expansion packs.” However, their definition of the differences between downloadable content and expansion packs did not make it into the response. Though they did go on to mention that a launch day DLC quest entitled, Troll Trouble, will be available for zero dollars and zero cents.

The Witcher 2 is available today for PC users.

You’ve got to love it when developers and publishers treat their customers well.