The Witcher: Rise Of The White Wolf Retail Listing Was A Mistake


The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf was long ago considered to have been cancelled, yet this console port of the first game in the franchise was recently rumoured to once again be in development. Perhaps due to the success of the console versions of The Witcher 2, this listing was unconfirmed but deemed somewhat unlikely to have been in error.

Yet erroneous it turns out to have been, as revealed by the managing director of CD Projekt Red, Adam Badowskian, when talking to Joystiq at Gamescom:

“It’s not true; that’s a mistake. It’s not even rumor, it’s a mistake.”

Badowskian then confirmed that the project had indeed been cancelled three years ago. Though he did mitigate this news somewhat by leaving us a slither of hope for it rising at some point in the future:

” You never know, but we are busy and have two different games.”

It is because of these games, their latest IP Cyberpunk and The Witcher 2 modding tools, that I am not surprised The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf isn’t currently in the works.

And whilst it is always a shame to have an incomplete franchise on a platform, the future is – in this instance at least – far more exciting than attempts to recapture the past.

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