Witness El Presidente’s Arrival In A New Tropico 5 Trailer

Tropico 5 cinematic

Taking a page out of the playbook of Captain Jack Sparrow, the latest trailer for Tropico 5 reveals how El Presidente first arrived on the titular island.

In the trailer, we see El Presidente arrive on the island of Tropico on the back (or mast in this occasion) of his sinking ship. Upon stepping foot on the tropical paradise, he is confronted by some locals who declare him to be “the worst dictator I have ever heard of.” I suppose after a humbling like that, El Presidente has nowhere to go but up.

In Tropico 5, players are tasked with guiding their island from colonial period afterthought to modern day mega power. The title features upgraded trading mechanics, technology, scientific research trees and island exploration. The game will also be the first in the franchise to feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Tropico 5 will launch this summer for the Xbox 360, Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Let us know what you think of El Presidente’s latest escapade in the comments section below.