A Wizard Runs Through It In Latest Diablo Character Debut

It’s time for yet another Diablo III Character Debut trailer. This week, the Wizard gets the nod and she is looking fantastic. The Wizard plays a crucial role this time around, as she’s the one setting the timeline between Diablo II and III. When Tyrael shattered the World Stone in Diablo II, it unlocked the sealed potential in all humans in the realm. The Wizard is the hero that was born after this event, setting her up as a force to be reckoned with.

It’s great to see some of the classic Wizard spells making their return in D3, but her new ones are spellbinding (I couldn’t help myself.) She can set out bubble defenses that slow time, giving her more time to react or even forgo defense for unlimited mana and a power boost. I can’t wait to test out this class when Diablo III launches on May 15th.

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