Wolfenstein: The New Order Will Not Have Multiplayer


Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, MachineGames has confirmed that the recently announced Wolfenstein game, Wolfenstein: New Order, will not include a multiplayer component. Though it’s pretty standard for games nowadays to include some kind of multiplayer aspect, the studio has stated they want to focus solely on the single player experience in order to provide us with a rock solid campaign.

Honestly, if it’s between a decent single player/half-assed multiplayer or an awesome single player/no multiplayer, I’ll choose the latter option. Sure, multiplayer will extend the longevity of the game but if it comes at the cost of diverting resources away from the single player campaign, then I think MachineGames made the right decision. After all, Bioshock: Infinite abandoned its planned multiplayer component so all the focus could be put on single player and look how that turned out.

If doing away with multiplayer means we’ll get a stronger, story-driven, single player campaign then I’m all for it. The last Wolfenstein game did have a multiplayer component to it but admittedly, it wasn’t particularly strong and I lost interest in it after a couple of hours. So many games tack on a half-baked multiplayer aspect just for the sake of it, so I give credit to MachineGames for not just going with the status quo and doing what everyone else does.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will march onto store shelves sometimes this Holiday season for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and next-gen consoles. Who else is looking forward to an awesome single player experience?