Wonderbook Announced For PS3

Sony has announced at their E3 conference a new family title that makes use of augmented reality technology via the PlayStation Eye. Wonderbook will enable players to interact with stories in physical books via the use of the PlayStation Move controller.

Sony plans to support the game through continuous downloadable content. Oscar winners Moonbot Studios will be providing a downloadable story, along with an exclusive new story called Book of Spells, written by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

A gameplay demo was shown where a small dragon was summoned and set the book afire, requiring players to use their hands to put the fire out and clean up the soot. Another portion showed a pop-up paper stage appearing in a book, changing position and angles when the book was physically put up. Finally, another portion involved the discovery of the spell Incendio, requiring players to make a Z-shaped wand gesture to cast it.

Wonderbook seems to be targeted towards younger audiences, but it seems to be offering some unique visuals if the preview is any indication.

We will keep you updated on the product as more news becomes available.