Wondrous New Trailer For No Man’s Sky Debuts; Space Sim Locked For June 2016


At long last, developer Hello Games has nailed down a release window for its much-touted and seemingly infinite space sim, No Man’s Sky.

In tandem with revealing a wondrous new trailer for the exploration title, the studio confirmed plans to launch the bold new IP across PlayStation 4 and PC in June of 2016. Making the announcement during Sony’s ongoing Paris Games Week press event, Hello Games admitted that the universe-spanning adventure simply won’t be ready in time to launch before the year’s end.

First announced in December of 2013, excitement for No Man’s Sky has only grown with each passing year, though after inexplicably dipping off the radar after E3 in June, many wondered when the space-faring adventure would release, and thankfully we now have confirmation that we’re less than a year out from the studio’s journey to the stars.

Even though a release date is now in place, the development team are still keeping the actual specifics of the game under wraps. Yes, we understand that exploration and venturing into uncharted territory will act as the spin of No Man’s Sky, but the true crux of the game lies at the center of the universe, with players tasked with journeying to the center in order to ‘complete’ the game.

Go to infinity and beyond when No Man’s Sky launches across PlayStation 4 and PC in June, 2016.