‘Wordle’ hint: 5-letter words starting with ‘G’ and ending with ‘M’

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via The New York Times online

In the opening verse of Talking Heads’ classic song “Once in a Lifetime”, the singer suggests several positions you may find yourself in throughout your life. None of these involve being stuck on the day’s Wordle, somehow. A massive oversight.

The New York Times uploads a new challenge every 24 hours onto Wordle, and players are tasked with deducing the five-letter word of the day with just six guesses allotted. That challenge can be very daunting, and getting stuck can be of no surprise. Here are some gentle tips and tricks to help send you on your way to a scrumptious win.

5-letter words starting with ‘G’ and ending with ‘M’

With just nine words that fit the criteria, there’s a good chance you’ll get success from this list.

  • GARUM – a fermented fish sauce
  • GENOM – the full complement of genetic material within an organism
  • GLAUM – looking or feeling dejected; morose.
  • GLOAM – twilight or the darker part of twilight
  • GOYIM – a term for a gentile

Since there are so few words that it could possibly be, it’s suggested to just throw words at the proverbial wall and see which letters stick around the “G” and “M”.

Reading as much as humanly possible will put you in good stead for Wordle. Peruse a dictionary, a thesaurus, a few newspapers, or just some internet forums. Pick up a god-forsaken book if you must. You will probably learn a new word that could spell success for you in a Wordle puzzle down the line.