Wordle hint: Five-letter words ending in ‘ASE’

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It’s time to solve another Wordle puzzle, a task that isn’t always so easy. If you’re here it likely means you’ve already begun working towards a solution and it’s just a matter of putting on the finishing touches.

This is where we come in. Now that you’ve found that your Wordle puzzle ends with ASE the options have been cut down drastically and by taking a look at the complete list of them perhaps your brain will be jogged and you can get it done.

Here’s a look at all of the five-letter words ending with the letters A, S, and E.

Five-letter words ending in ‘ASE’

Remix by Keane Eacobellis

There aren’t too many five-letter words that end with ASE so having found these three letters you’ve already weeded out a ton of wrong answers. Furthermore, many of these words aren’t commonly used and as such are less likely to be the answer to your Wordle puzzle.

When using this list to guide your next guesses we suggest sticking to words that you’re familiar with. Here is a look at all of the options and some definitions for the more obscure additions.

  • ABASE – Believing in a way that belittles or degrades someone
  • BLASE – Unimpressed or indifferent as a result of having seen or experienced something often before
  • LYASE – An enzyme that catalyzes the joining of specified molecules of groups by a double bond.
  • MEASE – To make a claim

Using these suggestions you should have improved your chances of completing your Wordle puzzle. If you still weren’t able to get it done there is no shame as only having a limited amount of guesses can make things tricky.

The good news is you’ll have a new chance at redemption tomorrow as Wordle provides a new puzzle to test your mind with each day.