Old World Blues Trailer Takes Fallout: New Vegas To A Weird Dimension

Save science…please.

That is the posed proposal in the new trailer for Old World Blues – the next downloadable addition to Fallout: New Vegas. The the rest of it is somewhat hard to explain, to be quite frank.

It seems like you’ve been transported to a lair run by mad scientists, who are hoping you’ll help them get rid of their problem: an infestation of robotic scorpions. Most of them are of a manageable size, though there’s one beast who differs from her pack. She’ll surely be a special problem to contend with. Apparently you’ve been stripped of your skin and possibly even your brain as well, so I’m unsure as to how they expect this combat request to be carried out.

Check out the trailer below and leave a comment in the box if this strange little video makes any more sense to you. Regardless of whether it does or not, one certainly cannot say that it’s not creative, interesting or cool. I really like the campy creature feature style they used for this promotional piece and look forward to giving it a try.

This new DLC pack will hit online marketplaces on July 19.