New Worms Revolution Developer Diary Reveals Game Modes

Team17‘s previous Dev Diary detailed the different classes and customisations coming to Worms Revolution. Their latest video, demonstrates that these are not the only ways in which variety will worm its way into the game by revealing the various game modes that comprise both the single and multiplayer components.

It may not be particularly surprising to hear that both online and local multiplayer options are available, but there are some rather novel game modes included that represent an evolution for the series. As well as a 32 mission single player campaign, solo players can complete 20 different challenges in the new ‘Puzzle Mode’.

Limiting your items and tasking you with various objectives, this sounds somewhat like Worms: Armageddon‘s training missions but with a renewed focus. Also included are Deathmatch, Fort Mode (which places the two teams within separate castles eliminating the more up close and personal approaches) and a Classic Mode for the purists amongst us.

I haven’t played a Worms game for many years, but these developer diaries, and the details revealed within, are making me once again yearn for some segmented slaughter. Worms Revolution is looking like it might be the most notably different addition to the series to date, and that is certainly saying something given its recent fondness for crazy golf.

Source: Joystiq

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