Worms Revolution Inching Its Way To An October Release

Worms Revolution looks set to be the most significant addition to the series in quite some time. The recent ‘Developer Diaries’ have unearthed many interesting elements, such as the new character classes and the various game modes, but one question has until now gone unanswered – When will we get to play it?

Unable to worm their way out of it any longer, Team17 have officially announced on the EU PlayStation Blog that the game will be released on October 10. Whilst only specifying the game’s European PSN release, one has to assume that all other versions of the game will arrive around the same time.

Building upon the solid foundations of a brand new engine with classes, countless customisation options, dynamic water, new game modes and more, Worms Revolution‘s price of £9.99 seems to be the only modest thing about it. ‘Revolution by name, evolution by nature’ is the phrase that I am sure (read: pretending) has been banded about the Team17 office these past few months, and it certainly shows.

Throughout the years, Worms may have taught us that even the most well intentioned grenade can bounce back and blow you into the water, but Worms Revolution looks like it may just be the magic bullet that this segmented series needs.

Source: Joystiq