See Wrestling Motion Captured In The First WWE 2K15 Making Of Video


WWE 2K15 is now just two months away, meaning that for 2K it really is time to kick the advertising into high gear. Unfortunately, no official gameplay has been revealed as of yet – although you can find mediocre quality videos on the Internet from when it was playable on the show floor at Gamescom – but a documentary series detailing the making of the game will keep us busy while we wait.

The first part of the series went up earlier this week and showcases various developers discussing the trials and tribulations of bringing the lineage of wrestling games into the next generation. Essentially, from a presentation and graphical standpoint, WWE 2K15 is a completely new animal compared to previous iterations, and it’s all thanks to state-of-the-art facial and motion capture.

Throughout the behind-the-scenes video are clips of wrestlers decked out in motion capture gear; at one point Cesaro is actually shown delivering his Giant Swing. Pretty much everything from facial expressions to signature moves from nearly every superstar on the roster have been recorded.

Also featured is a glimpse of a commentary session between Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole. They also come across fairly enthused, so maybe the calling of the action won’t feel like it’s being delivered by zombies this year.

It certainly wasn’t easy to cram all of this in, though, as the developers then go on to discuss that the team had to follow the WWE touring schedule and grab wrestlers for motion capture whenever an individual had a spare moment. WWE superstars have a gruelling schedule that sees them traveling almost every day, so it couldn’t have been easy on the developers.

Who knew that when 2K signed on to develop the WWE games they would have to travel with the stars just to get them in the game? Hopefully they got paid overtime.

WWE 2K15 will be released on October 28th for last and current generation consoles. You can watch the first behind-the-scenes video above.