WWE ’13 Adds Predator Technology 2.0 And Confirms Two Superstars For The Roster


THQ’s WWE ’13 is just around the corner, with an October 30th release date confirmed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

Today, we have tons of news regarding the popular title, which features both new and upcoming stars as well as the classics from the ever so popular Attitude Era.

WWE video games usually get negative responses from the video game community, because like most sports games, they tend to stick to the same thing year after year. Well, this time around, the developers have decided to pay special attention to a few things that have been bogging down the titles over the past few years.

Firstly, the audio presentation is getting a complete makeover, with more realistic sounds coming from both the audiences’ reactions to the moves in the ring and the audio commentary from within the game. This new experience is being called WWE Live.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler will be providing their voices for current matches, while Lawler and Jim Ross will be calling the shots for the Attitude Era matches.

This is great news as the one major problem over the past two or three titles has been the commentary, which usually comes off as repetitive and downright annoying. It’s great to know that minor stuff like this is being adjusted and improved upon. Two sets of commentators means the matches will feel fresh for much longer.

The audio reaction improvement is great too, because now the matches will sound more authentic than ever, which only helps break the barrier between playing a match and being a part of the match.

In addition to those two announcements, WWE ’13 will also feature a new and improved Predator technology system (dubbed 2.0). This will allow for a more fluid and fast-paced gaming experience, much like the real-life show. This means you’ll now be able to counter moves mid-air and turn them into special finishers. There’s also spectacular moments, which puts added emphasis on bigger moves such as throwing an opponent from the cell or through a table.

What this basically means is that WWE ’13 promises a much more polished and complete feel, which is something that we always want moving forward onto the next game. WWE ’12 did a good job recreating the feeling of watching actual WWE programming, but it looks like WWE ’13 has already topped it in terms of realism and authenticity.

Another bit of news worth touching up on is the official announcement of two new characters to the game. THQ has confirmed both The Miz and Mark Henry (Attitude Era) to the roster.

Make sure to check out the video below, which details everything I mentioned above and provides you with even more new footage from the game.

We’ve also attached a photo gallery, which includes more images of Miz, Mark Henry and moments from the game.

Check it all out below.

WWE ’13 releases on October 30th, 2012.

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