The Game Has Changed In This WWE 2K15 Making Of Video


Following up the first entry in this mini-documentary series covering the development of WWE 2K15, is a video exploring what has changed from a gameplay standpoint, instead of touting the graphical overhaul and presentation. There is still a good bit of footage of Sami Zayn and Cesaro performing motion capture for a wide variety of moves, but the bulk of this one is about transitioning WWE 2K15 from its arcade-y roots into a full-blown simulation of a real wrestling match.

New to WWE 2K15 is a stamina system that will work differently depending on which wrestler you are playing as. Smaller guys will have a lot more energy to exert, while bigger guys should probably focus on ending the fight quickly. This is all a part of the developers’ goal to make characters play different from each other, something that has been missing from previous installments.

They also go on to discuss how match pacing has been dramatically tweaked. Essentially, you can’t start pulling off the strongest moves in a performer’s arsenal right off the bat. Instead, you will be forced into grapple struggles and test of strengths in an effort to wear your opponent down. As matches go on, stronger moves will replace your starting moves, and eventually you will be able to pull off finishing maneuvers. In other words, your matches will flow like a real wrestling match.

Maybe you like the arcade-y style of past games though; in that case, it is worth noting that the stamina system can be shut off completely during free-play modes. Honestly though, the lifelike simulation sounds really interesting, and I’m very curious to see if a real television wrestling match can be replicated in a video game with stunning accuracy.

WWE 2K15 launches on October 28th for last generation consoles, and November 18th for current generation consoles. Are you looking forward to hopping in the ring? Let us know in the comments section below.