WWE 2K15 Will Release In Late October


Recently, rumours stated that WWE 2K15 would miss its traditional late October launch date. It was a bummer for the fans but a delay that made sense. After all, WWE 2K15 is going to be the first true WWE game under 2K Sports’ publishing label, so gamers and journalists alike were under the impression that to fully utilize their new developing tools – along with understanding how to develop for this new generation of consoles – creating the game would take a bit longer than usual.

Furthermore, the new release date was rumoured to fall in the month of March, which would have coincided with the annual hype for WWE’s flagship extravaganza show, WrestleMania.

Today, the aforementioned rumours were squashed, as Amazon now has the title up for pre-order, with a listed launch date of October 28th. Granted, Amazon isn’t a go-to source for release date information; for all we knew they just didn’t get the memo regarding the delay. Later in the day, though, 2K themselves confirmed over Twitter that the release date of October 28th is true and is, in fact, their current target.

So, there you have it,WWE 2K15 will be available this October on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Gamespot