WWE 2K16: 19 New Wrestlers And Brock’s Lesnar’s Entrance Video Revealed


Each week, IGN has been revealing new screenshots from WWE 2K16 as well as rolling out the members of the giant roster which will be featured in the game. Today, along with Brock Lesnar’s entrance video, which can be viewed above, 19 WWE Superstars have been confirmed. The full gallery can be found below, but some of the biggest additions include The Rock, Stephanie McMahon, Dean Ambrose, and The Undertaker.

It’s not hugely surprising to see any of those names, though the addition of legends like Andre the Giant, Edge and Ravishing Rick Rude is a welcome surprise. Representing NXT, meanwhile, are current tag team champions, The Vaudevillans.

With some cool new gameplay additions such as the ability to use the ropes during pinfalls and attack an opponent during their entrance, WWE 2K16 is looking like the game which could turn around the fortunes of the franchise after the mixed reaction to last year’s lacklustre effort. Less than half of the roster has been revealed so far, so it’s still too soon to say whether or not any fan-favourites will be neglected, but for now, it’s definitely looking good!