WWE 2K16 Creation Suite Gets Detailed In A New Trailer


One of the bigger draws for modern WWE games has been the extensive creation suite provided by Yuke’s. Some like to be able to create legends of the sport who may have missed the roster cut, while others prefer it for the absurdist theater known as VGCW. Regardless of what you use it for, WWE 2K16 will allow gamers to create their own superstars and divas, as well as championships, entrances, arenas and for the first time ever, shows.

Looking to shed a little light on the creation suite, Yuke’s and Visual Concepts have debuted a new trailer for the upcoming grappler. Although the clip runs under two minutes, it does provide an overview of all of the tools that will be at your disposal. As always, the create a superstar and diva tools will allow you to craft not only both modern and classic stars, but also any type of freak you could possibly dream up.

While they may not get as much attention as the wrestler creator, the fact that you could create new championships and arenas has always been a positive to me. Modern WWE tends to err on the side of bland when it comes to their belt and set designs, so hopefully we’ll be able to go hog wild with these tools. As for the new create a show tool, it seems a little simplistic based off the video, but that’s only a brief look at the feature.

WWE 2K16 is set to launch on October 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.