WWE 2K16 MyCareer Is All About Attitude


You’ve probably heard the claims that wrestling isn’t real, but in WWE 2K16, the grudges sure are. Just over a month ahead of its release, 2K’s given us a glimpse at just what kind of drama we should expect from the arena, and it isn’t pretty.

Hosted by WWE 2K16 designer Ramelle Ballesca, the game’s most recent trailer showcases its improved MyCareer mode, which adds an additional layer of attitude to the mix.

For instance, interviews and intermissions will provide all-new opportunities for players to flex their wrestler’s on camera personality by talking to reporters or rough-housing The Authority. Chief among these are ability to form deeper in-game rivalries that could land you a part in an epic grudge match with some of the WWE’s baddest as you climb your way to a spot in the Hall of Fame.

WWE 2K16 will make its way into the ring this October 27th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, with none other than The Terminator himself as a playable character.