Several Xbox 360 Games Accidentally Released For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Halo Wars

Whoops, it looks like Microsoft accidentally released several big-name Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility service over the weekend. Red Dead Redemption, Halo Wars, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Tekken Tag Tournament were all able to be downloaded by people who already owned digital versions of each title on Xbox 360, but were later removed by Microsoft after the error was spotted on their end.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson posted a small explanation to Reddit earlier, admitting the fault and explaining how the error occurred.

Microsoft tests all Xbox 360 games with our emulator to ensure a quality experience across a breadth of titles. Due to an error, some of the games currently in test were accidentally made available. We have since removed access to those games, and apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We will have more information on upcoming releases soon.

Well, you’ll no doubt be disappointed that the aforementioned games are no longer available for download on Xbox One, but at least Major Nelson has basically confirmed that they’ll all be officially released on Xbox One in the near future.

As and when each one does eventually return is unclear though. Microsoft just recently announced that they’re scrapping their former system of releasing backwards compatible games in large batches and will instead release them as and when they’re ready. Either way, this latest list looks a far sight better than the previous one, which largely consisted of vague, unheard of titles.

You can view the previous batch here, but while we wait for the likes of Halo Wars and Red Dead to début on Xbox One, why not let us know which games you want to see released for the service?