Xbox One Controller + Cable For Windows Bundle Set For Release In November

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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One Controller + Cable For Windows bundle will be coming in November. Although we don’t know the exact release date for the accessory yet, it’s understood that it will carry the standard cost of $59.99.

Designed for the PC gamer who doesn’t own an Xbox One, the bundle comes with the standard controller and a micro-USB cable that can be plugged into your computer. The controller will be compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8, and all you need to download to use it are the appropriate drivers, which are already available.

Since this is just a regular Xbox One controller, you will also be able to use it with the console. You can either plug it in using the included cable, or you can connect wirelessly to the current-gen console. Those who already own the input device can use it on their computers provided they have either the Play & Charge cable or a micro-USB cable.

As someone who not only doesn’t own an Xbox One, but also uses their Xbox 360 controller to play games on the PC, I’m interested in this bundle. By all accounts, this controller is an excellent piece of hardware; although, considering the amount of money Microsoft spent developing it, it absolutely should be. Now that I will be able to upgrade the controller used on my computer, perhaps I should look into actually upgrading my PC as well.

The Xbox One Controller + Cable For Windows bundle will be available starting in November, and will be found at most major retailers and the Microsoft Store.

Source: CVG