Xbox Game Pass Announces Five New Games For April 2020


Though it’s somewhat difficult to keep track of time while under lockdown, we’ve now reached the mid-way point of April 2020, and Microsoft has announced all of the titles coming and going on this month’s edition of the Xbox Game Pass.

For console owners, tomorrow (April 16th) will see the addition of The Long Dark, Hinterland Studio’s first-person survival game set against the icy Canadian wilderness. It just so happens to take place after a global disaster, too, so if you’re wanting your virtual world to echo the one outside your window, The Long Dark may prove to be a timely treat.

Failing that, Gata Roboto arrives next week (April 21st) and is pitched as a Metroid-like 2D platformer about a cat with a mech suit. It couldn’t be more different than the icy chills of The Long Dark, and that’s part of what makes Xbox Game Pass so brilliant.

Here’s a full, play-by-play breakdown of the new titles hitting Xbox Game Pass:

Xbox Game Pass for Console:

The Long Dark – April 16
Gato Roboto – April 21
Deliver Us The Moon – April 23
HyperDot – April 30
Levelhead – April 30

Gears Tactics

PC owners will have to wait an extra week before their bonus content arrives, but there is the promise of Gears Tactics, which is coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch.

Developed by Splash Damage and The Coalition, Tactics promises to be a totally different Gears experience, and you can watch the launch trailer for yourself right here.

Xbox Game Pass for PC:

Gato Roboto – April 21
Deliver Us The Moon – April 23
Gears Tactics – April 28
HyperDot – April 30
Levelhead – April 30
The Long Dark – Coming soon
Machinarium – Coming soon

A new slate of games is all well and good, but it does mean that several big-name titles will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on April 30th, so make sure you add them to your download queue while you still can. They are as follows: The Banner Saga 2, Bomber Crew, Braid, Fallout 4, Full Metal Furies, Metal Slug 3, Ruiner, Silence: The Whispered World 2, Smoke and Sacrifice, and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Console owners can pick up Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 a month, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which includes both Xbox One and PC) is $14.99 per month. It should be noted that the PC version is still in its beta phase, and costs $4.99 per month.

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