Free Xbox Games With Gold For July Revealed


Microsoft has pipped Sony to the post once again this month in revealing the latest batch of free games coming to its console in July, though judging by early fan reactions, it’s already looking like it needn’t have bothered. As usual, any Xbox owner subscribed either to Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold can download all four titles being handed out without charge, all of which traditionally covers a broad spectrum of genres.

Open world adventures, racing sims and indie platformers are all up for grabs this time around, more details for which – including dates of availability – you can find below.

  • WRC 8 – July 1-31
  • Dunk Lords – July 16 – August 15
  • Saints Row 2 – July 1-15
  • Juju – July 16-31


Of the four titles vying for your attention this time around, Volition’s Saints Row sequel is undoubtedly the most well-known and while it certainly boasts multiple hours of content, fans will likely have been hoping for something a little more recent than a game originally released in 2008. Dunk Lords and WRC 8 are, of course, but a few months old, but not exactly the high profile, triple-A entertainment that PlayStation Plus members have been enjoying over the last 30 days.

One brief look at the trailer’s comments section on YouTube reveals an overwhelming dissatisfaction with what many believe to be another uninspired selection, with criticisms ranging from Microsoft playing favourites with Game Pass members over Gold to a perceived over-reliance on racing sims. Not a great start to July for many Xbox fans, then, though multiplatform owners at least have a second shot, so to speak, at scoring a free game of their liking when Sony confirms its own lineup. Watch this space.