Xbox One To Inherit Acclaimed Indie Platformer Rogue Legacy



Developer Cellar Door Games has confirmed that the long-rumoured Xbox One version of Rogue Legacy is on its way.

Taking to Twitter, the studio answered a fan who posited that very question, and though they didn’t elaborate on exactly when Xbox One owners can expect the procedurally-generated gem, users can take solace in knowing that it will arrive eventually.

Rogue Legacy first kicked off its wonderfully addictive generation game when it arrived on PC back in July of 2013. One year later, Sony picked up the Spelunky-like title for PlayStation platforms, where it arrived on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita with cross-buy to boot.

For the uninitiated, Cellar Door Games’ rogue-like tasks players with exploring an ever-changing castle riddled with monsters and secrets. Each death pushes players back to the beginning, where you take up arms as a descendent of your fallen forebearer, meaning that all gold that you acquire is carried over. But perhaps the best feature lurking within Rogue Legacy is its innate sense of humor. You see, each and every playable character is burdened with a random ailment, be it vertigo, Alzheimer’s or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What makes each adventure so unique is how these impediments filter into the gameplay, whether its flipping the castle on its head or having you venture through its innards in black and white due to color blindness.

In our review of the PlayStation 4 version, we gushed about Rogue Legacy, praising its tactile gameplay and replayability, and concluded the following:

Taking cues from multiple genres like RPGs and roguelikes, Rogue Legacy is an insanely creative, fun and addictive game that’s full of humor and challenge

Source: Twitter

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