Xbox LIVE Marketplace Dates Fez For May

UPDATE: Unfortunately this release date is incorrect. Phil Fish from Polytron Corporation has publicly stated that Fez has not been dated for release. The game still has to go through Microsoft’s certification process.

Although gamers must feel like they’ve been waiting an eternity for Fez, an independent platform-action game developed by the Polytron Corporation, that wait may almost be over. The colourful, world-turning game will finally make its Xbox LIVE Arcade debut on May 2. At least, that’s what a Marketplace listing has to say. Fans can now rejoice with anticipated breath. Hopefully that date will not change.

As many are aware, Fez was planned for release three years ago, but has yet to see the light of day due to unfortunate delays. The game has won awards and was recently showcased in Indie Game: The Movie, but it’s been a long wait for an accurate release date. The nice thing is that this long in-development project looks to be worth the wait.

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