[Updated] Xbox One Facts: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, And The Unconfirmed

The Bad

  • 500 GB hard drive is “non-user-serviceable” and not replaceable
  • Xbox One is not compatible with the Xbox 360 controllers or other peripherals
  • Xbox 360 Avatars will not be transferred to Xbox One
  • Xbox One will not function with Kinect unplugged
  • The chassis can only be laid in horizontal position
  • TV features will only be available in the U.S. at launch
  • Xbox Live features still locked behind Gold paywall
  • No included headset (can be purchased separately), Kinect used for voice over IP
  • Only connects to TVs via HDMI
  • [Update] The Xbox One has been confirmed to be region locked.

The Ugly

  • As presented by Microsoft up to this point, Xbox One does not appear to have video games as its main focus – TV, movies, and sports have clearly taken center stage
  • No backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 retail games and XBLA games
  • All software (games) must be installed to the hard drive, will not run off the disc
  • Games discs are tied to your specific profile – a friend playing off an install from you disc can only do so if you are logged in on his console
  • Xbox One does not require a constant internet connection, however, it will not function unless it is connected to the internet on some unconfirmed periodic schedule (possibly daily)
  • Periodic connection to internet required for updates and software license checks
  • Kinect can never be fully “turned-off”, at its minimum setting it is “listening” for voice commands – [Update] Microsoft has stated that Kinect can be completely powered down when the console is turned completely off.
  • Indie developers can not self-publish Xbox One games, they must sign a publishing deal

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