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Review of: Xbox One
Chaz Neeler

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On November 28, 2013
Last modified:December 14, 2013


Xbox One

Part One Opening


The Xbox One’s design did come under fire from the internet when it was first unveiled, and I understand why. It’s hard not to look at it and be reminded of VCRs of old. That being said, it grew on me pretty quickly. The glossy coat plays off the matte finish which make up the landscape of the box and the large air vents on top of the system resemble something I’d expect to find on the ISIS space station.

No one will mistake the One for a small system. In fact, it’s fairly massive. Weighing in just under 8 pounds while measuring 13 inches wide and three inches tall, it will take up some hefty real estate wherever you place it. Add in the signature Microsoft oversized powerbrick, and you have a piece of hardware that is going to be thrust into sight whether you like it or not. I spent a good amount of time dealing with cable management, but I can’t imagine fitting this into a space any less than 14 or 15 inches deep.


While there haven’t been any reports of issues yet, I’d also advice that the shelving should leave a bit of breathing room for heat. I was unable to get an exact temperature reading on the unit we reviewed, but even when giving ample room, it was a bit warm to the touch at times. This is to be expected with any console of course, and it appears to be something Microsoft has expected as the system and power brick both have a plethora of cooling vents. The power brick itself even has its own cooling fan this time around. I don’t see any reason to panic or worry about a repeat of the Red Ring fiasco, but I wouldn’t push my luck too far with any system at this point.