Xbox One Version Of State Of Decay: Year One Survival Edition To Include All-New Achievements


April 28 will herald the arrival of State of Decay‘s Year One Survival Edition on PC and Xbox One, and Microsoft has revealed that the remastered version will boast its own set of achievements not found in the original Xbox 360 release.

Running at native 1080p, the rerelease will also boast an handful of new features and fixes, including new monthly timed challenges that can be completed with friends or on your lonesome. Microsoft noted that completing these tests will unlock new content in the zombie title, which is likely to be cosmetic items such as outfits and character costumes.

Circling back to those aforementioned achievements though, and Year One Survival Edition will launch boasting no less than 1500 Gamerscore to get your eager hands on. These rewards encompass the main game itself, along with the two pieces of DLC, State of Decay: Breakdown and State of Decay: Lifeline.

For a detailed breakdown of all of those achievements, you can consult the list below. State of Decay will bring its Year One Survival Edition to Xbox One and PC on April 28.

State of Decay

Get Over Here (20G), invited a community member to follow you.
Serial Monogamist (30G), invited a community member to follow you 10 times.
Rule #2 (25G), maxed out a community member’s Shooting skill.
Rule #18 (25G), maxed out a community member’s Fighting skill.
Rule #31 (25G), maxed out a community member’s Wits skill.
Apples and Beans (20G), fixed delicious snacks five times.
Powder and Primer (20G), crafted ammunition five times.
Watch the World Burn (30G), killed 25 zombies with incendiary shotguns.
*Plus two hidden Achievements worth a total of 50G.

State of Decay: Breakdown

The Friend (10G), reached Breakdown Level two.
The Convict (15G), reached Breakdown Level three.
The Gunner (20G), reached Breakdown Level four.
The Veteran (25G), reached Breakdown Level five.
The Scholar (10G), completed All Research Projects at Breakdown Level one or Higher.
The Phoenix (10G), burned 100 Zombies with Fire at Breakdown Level two or Higher.
The Fighter (10G), destroyed five Ferals at Breakdown Level three or Higher.
The Sniper (10G), earned 25 Headshot Streaks at Breakdown Level four or Higher.

State of Decay: Lifeline

The Doctor (15G), brought Thomas Horn to the Landing Zone, at least.
The Surgeon (15G), successfully extracted Julene Horn.
The Bureaucrat (15G), successfully extracted Michele Martin.
The Examiner (15G), successfully extracted Timothy Hall.
The Scion (15G), successfully extracted Hadley Westen.
The Colleague (15G), successfully extracted Dan Bogatz.
The Protégée (15G), successfully extracted Madison Grant.
The Operator (15G), brought Eldridge to Black Friday, but he won’t leave.

Source: Microsoft