Xbox One Wins An Emmy


Have you ever heard of a gaming device winning an award from the television industry? Well, a recent announcement by Microsoft has revealed that their Xbox One console has been given an Emmy. So, what’s the prize for? As it turns out, the console has been awarded for its “industry-leading television-on-demand and media centre capabilities.”

The statement on the official page reads:

“Microsoft is in good company with the likes of fellow award recipients Apple, Roku, Sony, and TiVo – and we’re proud to be awarded this honor by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.”

So, what exactly is the Xbox One being recognized for if not gaming? Well, let’s not forget that the console possesses TV functionalities, which allow the it to be used with cable devices; a handy feature in this media-heavy society of ours. That’s likely what the award is for, though it’s also possible that its Netflix streaming capabilities were also taken into consideration. Either way, Microsoft is certainly happy.

Tell us, are you surprised to hear that the Xbox One has won an Emmy? And, do you use your console for anything aside from gaming? Let us know below.

Source: EuroGamer