New Xbox Series S Console Confirmed By Leaked Packaging


The oft-rumored Xbox Lockheart console is very real and, what’s more, now has an official name.

During what was presumably an otherwise unremarkable browsing session on resale website Offer Up, Twitter user Zak S happened upon something quite interesting indeed.  Deciding to take a punt and pay the $35 asking price, Zak subsequently received their order and verified that what they had purchased was, in fact, a new-issue gamepad intended to be released alongside Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X console later this year. The Verge has subsequently independently corroborated Zak’s shared images of the packaging, which you can find below.

Zak has also recorded a video of themselves opening up the box to take a peek at the contents inside.

This is solid confirmation, then, that the Xbox Series S is a genuine item, but what, exactly, is the console’s intended purpose? More likely than not, we won’t get an answer to that burning question until Microsoft’s ready to start talking, though the generally accepted outcome is that Series S will be a counterpart to Sony’s disc-less PlayStation 5. Considering the triumph that is Game Pass, it arguably makes more sense for Microsoft to provide a digital-only counterpart than for its main competitor to do so, and it’ll be interesting to see how prices for all of them stack up against each other.

As for when you can expect to hear more about Series X/S and, with any luck, a long-awaited release date, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has hinted at more details to come sometime this month. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any further developments on that front but in the meantime, be sure to let us know what you make of these latest leaks in the usual place below!