Xbox One Version Of Evolve Set To Receive Two Free Maps; Other Platforms To Follow Later

evolve new map 0312

With the next major update for Evolve scheduled to roll out within the next few weeks, Turtle Rock Studios has revealed the first two DLC maps coming to the game. The two pack is scheduled to launch first on Xbox One, with PC and PlayStation 4 getting them later on.

The first of the two maps is the Broken Hill Mine area. Set in a deep maze of caves located below the surface of Shear, Broken Hill Mine is broken up into three distinct areas. The massive mine features several hidden entryways for the monster of your choice to bust through. Since you are still running through caves, though, most of the action between hunters and monsters will be of the close-quarters variety.

The second map, which actually takes place above the first one, is the Broken Hill Foundry. A more industrial friendly locale, the Broken Hill Foundry is a mix of open-area streets and closed warehouses. Each section has its own advantage, as the streets offer more stealth opportunity, while the warehouse houses a nice snack for the monster.

Both maps will be playable in Hunt, Nest, and Rescue modes, which are accessible through Skirmish, Evacuation campaign, or a custom match. Each map will also offer unique Evacuation campaign effects.

Xbox One owners can look forward to downloading the two-pack beginning March 31, while PS4 and PC gamers have to wait until April 30.

As someone who is still playing Evolve, consider me excited for these additions. I’m always open for new maps, and both of these seem like a nice break from the maps that are already included in the base game.

Tell us, will you be returning to the world of Evolve in order to explore these locales? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.