XCOM 2 Director Insists DLC Will Not Be Made From Cut Content


In an interview with GamespotXCOM 2‘s designer Jake Solomon has jumped forward to defend against claims that the DLC will be made up of content cut from the main game. There has been a large fan backlash to the news that DLC will be a feature of the title, but Solomon was keen to dispel the unkind rumours as to where the content is coming from.

Solomon seemed in a fairly buoyant mood in spite of the rumours, and quickly wanted to remove DLC concerns from the minds of XCOM‘s fans:

I could swear on a stack of science books – which is a big deal to me – this isn’t cut content; we don’t work on DLC until we finish the core game. I understand the concern, but I feel totally comfortable engaging in that conversation. We’re not holding anything back. We have a lot of content to make for DLC, but we won’t start on it until we make the core game.

So XCOM lovers;, are you convinced by Solomon’s insistence about the nature of the sequel’s DLC? Fortunately, there isn’t long to wait to see how things turn out: XCOM 2 is due for release February 5th with the first DLC pack scheduled to arrive in Spring.