XCOM 2’s Exact Release Times Confirmed In New Promo Image

XCOM 2 gatekeeper

Firaxis’ hotly anticipated XCOM 2 is now painfully close to its full release through Steam, and a handy graphic has been produced to let you know exactly when you can get it. The release schedule is slightly staggered, depending on the time zone wherever you are in the world, but fortunately the waiting time now has a very fixed ending.

The official release schedule for XCOM 2 is detailed in the image below but, for those of you who can’t be bothered with using the map, here are the official availability slots for the different time zones:

North and South America – 9:01 PM PST on February 4 / 12:01 AM EST on February 5.

Europe, Africa and others – 11:01 PM GMT on February 4.

Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan – 6:01 PM GMT February 4. (Currently available)

If you’re reading this in most regions around the world then you’re not too late to pre-order XCOM 2 and grab some of the game’s early bonus. The pre-order incentive is the Resistance Warrior pack, which adds new outfits, headgear, war paint, as well as a “survivor of the old war” in the barracks.

The countdown clock has now almost reached its zero point across the whole world, and XCOM 2 is just around the corner for the last few patient fans.

XCOM 2 release times

Source: Gamespot