Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Coming To The Wii U In 2015

xenoblade chronicles x

Nintendo announced today during their E3 2014 digital press conference that Xenoblade Chronicles X, Monolith Soft’s sci-fi RPG, will be coming to the Wii U in 2015. The title, which was originally simply known as X, is the follow-up to the well received 2010 RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles.

Set on planet Earth in the aftermath of an intergalactic war, Xenoblade Chronicles X centers around a small group of survivors who will have to fend for themselves on this beautiful, but dangerous, world. Despite being a follow-up to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, aesthetic wise, this title looks like it has more in common with Xeno-game series, Xenosaga.

While information on Xenoblade Chronicles X has been scarce to come by so far, we do know that the title will feature an open-world environment and the combat system will be an upgraded version of the system found in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. We also now know that Hiroyuki Sawano, the composer on several popular animated titles such as Attack On Titan, will handle the music here.

Although Nintendo announced that the title will be released in 2015, I would be surprised if this game was released anywhere outside of Japan within the next year. After all, it did take almost two years for the original Xenoblade Chronicles to make it over to North America back in 2012.

We will have more information on Xenoblade Chronicles X in the lead-up to its 2015 release, so stay tuned.