XSEED Announces Two New PS Vita Games

Looking for a way to play such games as Monster Hunter or Patapon without actually playing them? You might be interested in a pair of new Vita games announced by XSEED this weekend.

The screen above comes from the upcoming Ragnarok Odyssey, a game in which players guide their custom characters about a rich, colorful world and take down monsters several sizes over your own. The game was released in Japan this past February, and XSEED is localizing it for us westerners. Players can choose between six classes, and play with up to three other players.

The other, and the one that’s arguably much more difficult to describe, is Orgarhythm. This one is a hybrid music and strategy game, in which players guide their armies against their enemies, and attacks have more effect when executed with the beat of the soundtrack. Soldiers all have elemental properties, which plays even further into the strategy.

Or, alternatively, if you want to catch the gameplay at the end of the trailer below, feel free to tell me what YOU think is happening.

Neither game has a release date yet, but we’ll be sure to report on it when something turns up.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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