[Update] Year Of Luigi Themed 2DS Images Reportedly Leaked, Looks Incredible!

year of luigi 2ds (1)

Kotaku posted a handful of images from an anonymous tipster yesterday, revealing what appears to be a limited edition “The Year of Luigi” themed Nintendo 2DS, and it is glorious!

Assuming that the Luigi 2DS in the reportedly leaked pictures is not a hoax (and if it is, I am extremely impressed), the front and back of the handheld will be all white and accented by green buttons/trim. Also, it has a really cool Luigi silhouette etched into the back of the system.

As completely awesome as the Year of Luigi 2DS looks, it has not been announced by Nintendo and should be considered a rumor until something official is handed down from The Big N. The company has already released a similar (but not nearly as impressive) Luigi 3DS XL in Japan, so it would not be too surprising if this gets confirmed in the very near future.

We will let you know as soon as we hear something official on the Luigi 2DS, in the meantime click the gallery thumbnail below to see the back side of the rumored handheld.

[Update] The Luigi 2DS has been determined to be a fake, although it was not intended as a hoax. Rose Colored Gaming has taken credit for modifying a standard blue 2DS into the Luigi-themed 2DS.

Source: Joystiq